Start your own store & sell shoes online.

Set up an online store with just a click of a button and start selling shoes online immediately. With Soko, you get free FOREVER. Create your free account once, and keep it as long as you like.

HowSoko helps you sell shoes online

With Soko, you can set up your own store with a custom domain name in less than a minute. That means you will have an online shoe store that looks professional, almost instantly.

Soko has all the powerful eCommerce features to run your shoe store online. Manage your orders, take online payments, deliver items, etc., all from one place.

Whatdo you need to sell shoes online?

If you want to sell anything online today, you will need your own eCommerce website. It takes money and time to set up and run.

With Soko, starting your own online store and selling shops online is as easy as ABC! Firstly, set up a store in 30 seconds. Secondly, you do not need any technical expertise to run or manage the store.

Startan online shoe store with Soko

Selling shoes online with Soko is easy. All you have to do is download and install the SokoApp, enter your store name, and list your shoes.

Then, add the product name, description, picture, price, and delivery fees for each product, set up your payment options, and share your store link with your customers. And, that’s it. You’re good to go!

All the tools you need to sell shoes online!

Your own modern storefront

Display your products on your modern and secured storefront and accept orders and payments from your customers online easily!

Customer List

Automatically add customers whenever they order from you online or manually add them to enable you to message them with new offers anytime.

Discounts and Promotions

Easily add discounts and promotions from an intuitive and user-friendly interface and grow your customers base through promotions and offers.


Do you need a custom storefront design or do you want to use your own custom domains? Talk to us, we'll help you get set up in no time!

Online Payment

Accept Mobile Money, Card, Cash, and bank transfer payments directly through your online shop - no coding skills needed!


We enable you to manage deliveries seamlessly within or outside your city. Configure your own delivery fees based on geographic zones.


How do I sell shoes online?

All you have to do is download the Sokoapp, create a store, list your shoes, enter the details of each product, set up your payment options, and share the link with your customers.

How do I deliver shoes to my customers?

Soko currently doesn’t support delivery to your customers.

How do I accept payment at my shoes store?

Simple. All you have to do is set up your payment options by going to Manage → Online Payments.

How does Soko help me with deliveries?

Soko doesn’t currently support delivery to your customers.

Can I make money from selling shoes online?

Yes. However, this depends on your products and how you market them. Fortunately, we have everything you need to run and market your store.

How to start an online shoes store?

Download and install the Sokoapp. Then, create a store with the name of your choice. After this, you will be asked to add your products. You can add them with their respective product details and images.

Set up your payment options and share your store link with your customers via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform. And that’s it, you are good to go!